A Second Home in York County

My Place Teen Center is proud to have its history rooted in Westbrook and looks to a future of expansion into Biddeford — with a projected opening date in 2024 in the former St. Andre’s Church.

Follow the progress with our timeline for our future home in Biddeford. 

A Tale of Two Cities: Westbrook and Biddeford share striking similarities, and hold the keys to both the past and future of My Place Teen Center. While Westbrook and Biddeford look toward redevelopment and revitalization, the most vulnerable citizens — its youth — are in danger of slipping through the cracks. We recognized this conundrum 23 years ago in Westbrook, and have been working diligently for area teens ever since. Now, My Place Teen Center will do the same thing in Biddeford. See the communities we serve.

A Little History

In 2014, Biddeford champions and stakeholders requested discussions about how to bring our business model to Biddeford. Originally we were functioning in a consultant mode, but early 2017 discussions turned to: Would we bring our business model to Biddeford and run a second site/MPTC for them? Given that expansion was already part of our strategic plan, this was an easy answer due to the positive relationship already developed with city leaders and a similar demographic and landscape between both cities. A feasibility study was then conducted.

Since then, we’ve been working closely with Biddeford Housing Authority/Southern Maine Affordable Housing and city leaders regarding establishing a second site at 75 Bacon Street, Biddeford; the former St. Andre’s Church. Our target opening date is in 2024.


St. Andre’s Church ready for renovation

The Future Aesthetic

Comprehensive Campaign  – $6MM

Campaign gifts will go towards (1) 75 Bacon Street renovation and furnishings, (2) Transportation, (3) Facilities’ upkeep, and (4) Sustainability.

  1. 75 Bacon Street Biddeford Renovation and Furnishings – $2.8MM
    • Acquisition/Replacement Reserve – $245K
    • Building Construction: roof repair/steeple, flooring, heating-ventilation system, windows/doors, interior improvements, plumbing, security/electrical upgrades, sprinkler updates, commercial kitchen, fire alarm, additional materials and labor – $2.1MM
    • Furnishings, Fixtures, Equipment – $425k
    • Closing/Soft Costs – $30k
  2. Transportation – $100K
  3. Building Maintenance Fund – $300K
  4. Youth Programming/Hunger Initiatives/Sustainability Fund – $2.8MM

We will be in a shared ownership contract with Southern Maine Affordable Housing. My Place Teen Center will own the main floor and the balconies above the main floor at 75 Bacon. We are the sole owner of our Westbrook location.

Please partner with us to serve upwards of a 1,000 kids and 20,000 meals per year. Let’s open 75 Bacon in Biddeford and sustain 755 Main in Westbrook = vibrant Red Doors in two counties!

Sources of Funding:
• $1.5MM – York County American Rescue Plan Act Funding SECURED/Restricted for Renovation
• $650K – In-kind Goods and Services SECURED/Restricted for Renovation
• $200K – Cash Gifts SECURED/Restricted for Renovation

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