Welcome to My Place Teen Center

"They don't allow bullying here. That makes me feel safe."

"I love the cooking classes. And I eat here every night."

"I come to get away from my real life. And I get to hang out with friends."

"The staff helps me with making friends."

"They discuss what life is like after HS. They give me advice."

"MPTC is my home."

"The Egg Drop experiment (STEM project) was a blast!"

"They are strict with us sometimes, but they do it because they love us."

"I've made some bad choices, but they never stopped caring for me."

"They really listen to me. They care about my future."

Home is where the heart is.

Welcome to My Place Teen Center. Celebrating 25 Years.

My Place Teen Center is a free, year-round, after-school program (five hours/day) for kids, ages 10-18.
A safe haven for youth — sustaining them with comfort, meals, resources, and hope.

Our Home

Behind our iconic red doors on Main Street is a place where kids receive help, love, food, and programming addressing their unique needs.  <Learn more>

You Can Help

There are many ways of supporting My Place Teen Center — and helping to give teens a safe place to dream of a future, guiding them on the path toward achieving it. <Find out how>

Our Future

We have opened a temporary second location at 208 Graham Street in Biddeford — and are excited to open a permanent second site in the former St. Andre’s Church. <The Story> 

Our Youth Leadership Academy

The Youth Leadership Academy is a comprehensive positive youth development program designed to increase Developmental Assets and reduce risky behaviors in youth who attend My Place Teen Center. Youth will attend modules on Health and Wellness, Workforce Readiness, Leadership and Social/Emotional Competencies and Character Education/Civic Engagement. Students will increase their awareness of health and wellness and social/emotional skills. They will learn the importance of leadership and how community service builds strong character and a work ethic. They will be actively learning by participating in YLA’s culinary program, life skills, social competencies such as decision-making and restraint, and the “Pay It Forward” program, which engages youth in community service projects. A participant who graduates from the YLA will be more confident, more secure in presenting him/herself to the world of work, college and military, as well as be prepared to live an independent, accountable life. <Learn more about our programs>