Masonry Tech Waterproofing – Dwayne:
• Removed old flooring in gross motor room
• Installed vapor barrier in crawl space
• Donated moisture barrier in the music room
• Cut and removed concrete in the bathroom

CTI Communications – Tim:
• Relocated communication wires to expose the original tin ceilings in the gross motor room

Cunningham Security – Mike:
• Relocated wires to expose the original tin ceiling in the gross motor room
• Donated and installed new security system (16 new cameras)

Hancock Lumber – Kevin:
• Donated lumber, doors, trim, and molding

Merchant Electric – Josh:
• Discounted service work including, installing an additional 2 breaker boxes, installing new light fixtures, and moving wires

Northeast Spray Insulation – Tom:
• Discounted labor and materials to spray insulate the foundation of the building

Sherwin Williams – Scott:
• Donated 15 gallons of paint and 5 gallons of primer

F.W. Webb Company – Greg:
• Donated a shower unit for the bathroom

Pine State Services – Sam:
• Donated a hot water heater and labor and materials for the bathroom installations

Kamco Supply Corp. – Ted:
• Discounted building materials to include, sheetrock, joint compound, insulation, and suspended ceiling grid and tiles

Caiazzo Plumbing – Steve:
• Discounted labor and materials for running a new water line in the bathroom

Marty Flaherty:
• Discounted labor for remodel of all the rooms

Staff Members:
Rodney Burns and Travis Wakefield – who dedicate themselves to the successful completion of the renovation project!