My Place Teen Center would like to recognize and congratulate Rosie Le in our
September Spotlight. Rosie began coming to the Teen Center two years ago. She is in the 6 th grade and attends Westbrook Middle School. Rosie has lived in Westbrook for 6 years and resides with her Mom, Dad, 6 siblings, and grandmother. Her favorite things to do at My Place Teen Center are to go on nature walks and to draw anime characters.
Rosie’s favorite things to do in her free time are to “sometimes” do homework, read, watch cooking videos on her iPad, and hangout. Rosie said her favorite book is “Sisters” by Raina Telgemeier and her favorite movie/video genre is horror, cooking, or funny videos on YouTube. She also enjoys listening to classic rock and pop music. When asked what she would like to be when she grows up, she replied: “An artist – to draw pictures to save the world before it blows up!” Rosie says: “I’m full of humor and horrible jokes that are meant for people that know my jokes.”
Rosie is actively engaged and always ready to lend a helping hand; all with a big, BIG smile on her face. A spunky, talented, smart, kind, vivacious girl, Rosie brings much joy to all. We are so proud of our special Rosie!