The staff and members of the My Place Teen Center recognize and congratulate Abby G for being awarded the Teen Member Spotlight for August 2017! Abby is eleven years old and has resided in Westbrook her entire life with her Mom, Dad, two brothers, and three dogs. Abby is starting sixth grade at Westbrook Middle School in September. For the past two years, MPTC has thoroughly enjoyed Abby’s positivity and high energy antics.

Abby’s favorite program is MPTC’s weekly River Walk; the River Walk is just one
of the important methods MPTC youth and staff give back to the community. With staff, our youth each wear gloves and pick up trash as they walk along the river, park, and Main Street. MPTC youth participate in this civic engagement to help keep the community and park a clean place for all. Abby states: “I like cleaning up where I live and being able to go outside and have fun.”

The word she uses to describe herself is “quirky.” Abby’s other favorite activities are hanging out with friends and staff at MPTC, reading, swimming in her pool, and dancing. Her favorite book to read is A DOG’S PURPOSE. It is the longest book she has ever read, with 32 chapters. When she grows up she wants to be a vet because she loves animals. Her favorite animals are Mustang horses, dogs, and cheetahs. She loves the color teal and macaroni and cheese. During our cooking program this summer, she wants to make homemade macaroni and cheese for all the MPTC kids. Timissa, a MPTC staff, states, “She is always giving a lending hand and is constantly happy. I wish we had 10 more of her!”
Congratulations, effervescent Abby!