Volunteers are the lifeblood of our organization. More than 120 of them, 6,000+ volunteer hours, lots of love, time, care, creativity, patience, and COMMITMENT toward our kids. With hearts of gold and goodwill to 500 kids, our volunteer fleet is IMPRESSIVE. Some are lifers, some have just joined the ranks, some may just be one-timers. Whatever the impact, our kids, this organization, and our staff APPRECIATE their good deeds. We can’t fully function without their help. Our work would not have as much meaning or impact without their diligence. This is National Volunteer Week. Thus, we celebrate our best and our brightest.

To our lovely volunteers:

Your efforts change the world. YOU matter. YOU are amazing. YOU help kids become awesome adults.

Thanks so much for sharing your gift of a huge heart.

With great affection for all that you do, Donna