Believe me, they all go together at MPTC. KUDOS to Bumbleroot Organic Farm in Buxton for the weekly supply of fresh veggies. Your broccoli was spruced up with some heavenly cheese sauce.

We have some devoted cupcake elves who traipse in every Monday with 100 lovingly made fancy cupcakes. (Those get scoffed up a tad quicker than the broccoli.) But they do have to have their broccoli before their treat…I know. I know.

The Governor is coming tomorrow. Hark the herald angels sing! While we won’t ply him with cupcakes or broccoli, we will let him know how kind our volunteers are and how plentiful are our veggie donations and that those coupled with his gift, help us to flourish and to nurture our beloved 567 kids. Hope you can join us at 8:30 am.