As you know, we’re gearing up for our Fund A Kid Celebration on October 1. FMI: And the care from our neighbors really makes a girl weep. Thanks for making my mascara run:

Bath Savings Bank – Patti, Bangor Savings Bank – Carol, Infinity Federal CU – Mary/Adam, Frog and Turtle – James, Uke’N’Smile – Dave/Keith/Monique, Captain Matt Brunner – shark fishing trip, Jen Dean Photography, Black Point Inn – Peter, Inn by the Sea – Jim, The Carusos – Cole Haan bag, Kiwanis – The Crew, Thos Moser, Hannaford – Cheryl, Deb Shangraw, IDEXX – Betsy/Gio, Wallingford Farms, Steve Walsh, Poland Spring – Annette, Knight Property Services – Dylan, Mike Foley, Loomis Securities – Larry, Richie Axelsen, Cindy Williams, and Vincent Mona – Terry.

We THANK YOU for caring so mightily about our 567 kids!

INfinity for gala