Teen Store Wish List

Kids earn points by participating in programming, cleaning, eating their veggies, being kind to one another, community projects, etc, and use their earned points to purchase items at the store, which the teens oversee, all the while learning financial literacy skills, leadership, and responsibility!

Ring Dings

Fruit Snacks

Flipz Milk Chocolate Pretzels

Little Debbie Swiss Rolls

Drakes Funny Bones

Chips – single serving

Peanut butter pretzel nuggets

Veggie sticks/chips

Cheese nips

Skinny Pop popcorn



M & Ms

Hershey’s KitKat Bars

Mounds Candy Bars


Milky Ways




Women’s yoga pants (sizes S to XL)

Men’s basketball shorts (sizes S to XXL)

Swimming goggles

Hair piks



Phone Cases

Bluetooth speakers

iPhone and Android charging cords and charging blocks

Metro Bus Passes

Teen Backpacks or sport drawstring bags

Bike locks with keys (combination locks are a no go – the kids change the combinations!)


Gift cards – great for incentives, rewards, and prizes!

Dunkin’ Donuts $5 or $10

Dairy Queen $5 or $10

Subway $5 or $10

McDonalds $5 or $10

Walmart Gift cards $10

Game Stop or Bullmoose $10

Cinemagic $10


Staff Wish List

Gift Cards – Target or Old Navy – to purchase bulk teen clothing, socks, coats, shoes/boots

PPE Supplies– disinfectant wipes, disposable face masks, paper towels, multi-purpose cleaning spray, Windex