Dearest MPTC Champion,

My name is Donna Dwyer and I am the CEO of My Place Teen Center, a nonprofit, in Maine.

Like so many, as of mid-March, normal operations at MPTC drastically changed. We knew we had to continue to support our teens and their families, so within 48-hours, we pivoted from our mission, to what we imagined would happen, and did happen, to meet the surging and urgent demand for food and home care – Plan B. Six staff members prepared and delivered over 1,250 homemade, restaurant-quality dinners and 200+ snack/hygiene/household staples kits per week. We became a daily, mobile food pantry for 250 persons per day. We served anyone – kids, the elderly, people without transportation, people with disabilities, people who were immuno-compromised, those who experienced a significant loss of income, etc.  – without qualification – via our mobile food pantry and curbside pick-up – any age, from anywhere. We also handed out $7,425 in gift cards from Hannaford/Walmart/Target.

That said, since March 16, we have procured, prepared, packed, and delivered 28,082 free dinners plus 5,000 snack/hygiene products/pantry staples. Never in our wildest dreams did we think we would undertake, or accomplish, such a brazen endeavor – especially since so many things in the outside world were so topsy- turvy. Sadly, also during this time, we lost $300k in longtime, annual funding, which has not yet been recovered. We’ve been hit especially hard, but that never deterred us from our task of helping out where, and when, we could.

But why fresh dinners? Why serve anyone, any age? Why delivery? Why curb-side? Our pandemic philosophy was to support basic needs and to provide comfort, ease, dignity and respect. By not placing any limitations, by allowing for anonymity with curbside pickups, by delivering – to ease lack of transportation issues AND to allow us to provide wellness checks, by offering full, delicious, attractive dinners prepared by a professional Chef with a focus on quality proteins and lots of veggies and fruit –  all of this effort was to offer made-from-scratch meals with warmth and care. There’s so much volatility and scarcity inherent in our community/State that we wanted to be a no-barrier, compassionate, dependable, basic needs’ resource via good food and in-person interactions for anyone, any age. In addition, we kept a vigilant watch for potentially dangerous situations as described below.

Finally, we continued to think about the kids’ future. And the vitality and health of My Place Teen Center. Securing general operating funds to support feeding the community through the fall/early winter as well as to ensure the Red Doors reopen in September, was tantamount. Thus, we ask you to please consider an unrestricted gift – your support will have community-wide impact.

Please take good care,


Yes! I would like to help in this time of need!

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Thank you for your generous support! 

July and August DOERS

As we wind down our first iteration of our daily mobile/curbside food pantry and homemade meals and morph into a daily curbside food pantry and homemade meals + our regular programming, we wanted to express our deep appreciation, respect, relief, excitement, and love for all your heroic efforts. Please know the vital and dramatic role you played in us serving and delivering 22,000 homemade dinners + 5,000 snack/hygiene/household staples’ kits in the past five months. As we dove headfirst into the food pantry space, we knew it was going to escalate and we knew we were going to serve the entire community – ANYONE ANY AGE. In-kind resources and pandemic funding allowed us to quintuple our initial response, and we THANK YOU profusely for saying YES – over and over and over. 

Thanks for demonstrating heart and diligence. Thanks for being there. Thanks for working excessively hard. Thanks for being our friend. 

We remain in gratitude to YOU for being an active and committed doer. 


Amanda Farrar

Amelia Roche

Amy Clearwater

Amy Tetreault

Andrew & Pamela Soucy

Anita Johnston

Ann Foye

Ann Roche

Anne Vaillancourt

Barbee Gilman

Ben Nappi

Benjamin Fournier

Caren Michel

Carla Barron

Carmen Perri

Christine Banfield

Darleen Hamblen

David Lischer

Deborah Shangraw

Denise Lozowski

Doug Johnson

Elaine Spiller

Elizabeth Perry

Grace Manubay & Timothy Ernst

Gwen Lambert

Heather Paquette

James Eric Heintz

Jane O’Halloran

Jeffrey & Lisa Lederer

Jerome Faure

John & Arlene Lutz

Judith Lydon

Julie Poulin

Kara Kenney

Karen Alcide

Karen Maples

Katherine & Mike Archibald

Kevin Tierney

Leah Shaheen

Lee Miliano

Lee Warner

Linda Thurlow

Lynda & Shawn Adams

Mark Mueller

Matthew Brown

Matthew Soch

Moira Simonds

Olivia Leavitt

Peter Lyons

Philip Spiller

Rachael Burnett

Robert Hores

Robert Howe

Robert Letellier

Sally Williams

Sheryl Tutt

Tirumala Devi Maganti

Todd Davidson

Vincent Asanza


Cornelia Warren Community Association

Community Development Building Grant


Emergency Food and Shelter Program

Maine Community Foundation

Maine Health Options

Simmons Foundation

The Eunice Frye Home Foundation

United Way of Greater Portland



Emerald Management Corporation

Central Maine Power Co.

Diamond Landscaping, LLC

Emerald, LLC

Sandra Good @ Fotoshops


Moonlight Cleaners

New England Chiropractic

Peoples United Bank



Westbrook Hannaford

Woodbury Creative

Network for Good



Acosta – Jane Reynolds

Allagash Brewing

Bumbleroot Organic Farm


Cooking for Community Maine

Cultivating Community



Good Shepherd Food Bank

IDEXX Laboratories Inc.

Istanbul Restaurant and Bakery

Jordan’s Farm

LB Kitchen


Little Giant

Maggie Mae’s

Mister Bagel in SoPo

Mr. Tuna – Jordan Rubin

Native Maine

Nura Hummus and Falafel Bar – Cameron Gardner


Rosemont Market & Bakery – John Naylor & Cecelia

Stroudwater Food Pantry – Doug Horner

The Baker’s Bench

Union – Josh Berry



Westbrook Hannaford

Southern Maine Community Organizations Active in Disaster – 3,000 Facemasks

Misty McFarland – wish list items

Lori & Kelsey Theriault – masks & wish list items

Spencer Knarr – food donation

Aľònjandra – food donation

Robbie Sullivan – masks



Anita Johnston – Garden Work & Kitchen Help

Rhonda Green – Garden Work & Kitchen Help

Thomas & Erin Heckel – Garden Work

Judy and Jim Storer – Garden Work