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We are excited to introduce a fun and innovative club providing sustainable, financial support for My Place Teen Center and kids considered most at risk, as well as an annual networking opportunity for like-minded business professionals.

Why is it called The500CLUB?

My Place Teen Center serves 500+ kids each year; that’s 500 reasons to give.

The500CLUB’s Objectives:

To raise funds and awareness about My Place Teen Center.

JoinTodayWhat is The500CLUB?

A cool and fun club consisting of a diverse group of people who want to help kids-at-risk in Cumberland and York counties by lending their financial support.

The500CLUB Member Responsibilities:

Members will be asked to make a recurring annual gift of $960 to My Place Teen Center to Fund-A-Kid for one year. You can fund as many kids as you wish. Payments can be made annually, quarterly, or monthly. Credit cards are accepted — and payroll deductions at certain locations.
The Fund-A-Kid program provides meals and services to kids-at-risk. The national average cost for these services ranges from $1,500-$2,500. By carefully monitoring resources and running an efficient operation, MPTC provides kids with daily meals, snacks, and programs at an annual cost of $960 per kid, or $80 per month. We want to grow the program to ensure all of the MPTC kids are funded on a perpetual basis to ensure that operations and programming continue without interruption. Each sponsored kid will have access to 1,300 hours of specialized programming and 260 hot meals, year-round.

The500CLUB Membership Benefits:

  • A fun and educational dinner with Donna and the kids where members experience first-hand how their gift is making a difference and an opportunity to network with other like-minded business professionals and community leaders once a year.

YesReady to join The500CLUB?

We have a number of options to make it easy:

 Join The500CLUB by making your first annual donation of $960.
 Join The500CLUB by making your first quarterly donation of $240.
 Join The500CLUB by making your first monthly donation of $80.

You can also join The500CLUB in the following ways:

  • Please send a check to:
    My Place Teen Center
    755 Main St
    Westbrook, ME 04092
  • Please call us at (207) 854-2800

MEMBERSHIP – As of June 30, 2017

Fund a Kid! For $960/year, each youth sponsored has access to 1,300 hours of specialized programming and 260 hot, healthy meals. 

  • Deb Shangraw – 7
  • Stacey & Dave McDonald – 3
  • Ryan Michaelson
  • Bruce and Pamela Dyer
  • Opal Staudenmaier – 1.5
  • Larry and Colette Wold
  • Lisa and Luis Varela
  • The Gattine Family
  • Giovani Twigge – 4
  • Cheryl Hinkson and Mike Emery
  • Theresa Cloutier / DMM
  • Phil Spiller
  • Chuck Sears
  • Elaine Spiller
  • Matthew Brown
  • Andrew and RaeAnne Cook
  • Thomas Matthews
  • Marc Drouin – 2
  • Pine State Services – 2.5
  • WEX, Inc. – 2
  • Maine Interior Design Association -2
  • New England Chiropractic – Kelly Brunner and Warren Lain
  • Anonymous gift – in Honor of Timothy Dwyer
  • Moey Burchenal and Dave Sherman – 2
  • Martha Gaythwaite
  • Lynne and David Champoux
  • Guy and Jane Cote
  • David and Nancy Good
  • Anne Vaillancourt
  • Drummond Woodsum
  • Mast Landing Brewing Company
  • Rosse Family Charitable Foundation – 17
  • Eric Heintz
  • Anonymous gift in honor of Beth Murphy
  • Tom & Jerry’s – 3
  • Lois Hardy – 1.5
  • Meg and Rich Pickering
  • Theresa Patten – Credere Associates
  • Mark Woodbury -2
  • Saccarappa Lodge #86
  • Harold and Dee Dee Baum
  • The Frog and Turtle – 3.5
  • Jen and Chris Bowring
  • Westbrook Kiwanis – 6
  • Shawn and Lynda Adams

Total: 87 kids funded/413 kids to go