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My Place Teen Center is a free, year-round, after-school program (five hours/day) for kids, ages 10-18. A safe haven for youth — sustaining them with comfort, meals, resources, and hope.

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Teen Member Spotlight for September

My Place Teen Center would like to recognize and congratulate Rosie Le in our September Spotlight. Rosie began coming to the Teen Center two years ago. She is in the 6 th grade and attends Westbrook Middle School. Rosie has lived in Westbrook for 6 years and resides with her Mom, Dad, 6 siblings, and grandmother. Her favorite things to do at My Place Teen

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Teen Member Spotlight for August

The staff and members of the My Place Teen Center recognize and congratulate Abby G for being awarded the Teen Member Spotlight for August 2017! Abby is eleven years old and has resided in Westbrook her entire life with her Mom, Dad, two brothers, and three dogs. Abby is starting sixth grade at Westbrook Middle School in September. For the past two years, MPTC

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Meet Our Kids

Meet Hamza

Hamza has been coming to MPTC for four years. A 16-year-old from Westbrook, Hamza says he found out about the teen center from a friend. “I thought it was pretty cool and I might as well hang out here,” he says. He likes the variety of activities and the chance to hang out with his friends. “I have things to do here,” he says,

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Meet Lexi

At the MPTC Award Gala in September 2014, Lexi Dearborn received the 180 Degree Award for the teen who has done the most to turn her life around. “I cried in front of hundreds of people,” Lexi jokes as she recalls the moment when she received the award. Lexi admits that as a young teen living in Kennebunk, she spent time getting into trouble

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Meet Matt

Matt became part of MPTC in 2007 through a summer program designed to assist incoming sixth graders with the transition into middle school. Matt was recommended to participate in this program through the school’s social worker. Upon first meeting, Matt presented as a bashful and quiet adolescent despite his large size. Matt’s physical development surpassed his peers so that he looked much older than

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Meet Kaelyn

Kaelyn, a 12-year-old from Standish, has been coming to MPTC since she first found out about the teen center when she came to one of the weekly community dinners served at MPTC. “I just love it here,” she says, citing the staff and the other kids as reasons why she has been a fixture at MPTC every day after school for two years. “If

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