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Main Street Cares logoWe are excited to introduce MainStreetCares, a community-wide initiative that provides sustainable financial support for My Place Teen Center and kids considered most at risk, as well as an annual networking opportunity for like-minded business professionals.

Why is it called MainStreetCares?

Main Street, USA, is a place where people still look out for each other. It’s where flags fly on lampposts and neighbors stop to say hi on the street. We are proud to live in a community where Main Street values flourish, and we want to harness that spirit for our kids at risk. My Place Teen Center serves 500+ kids each year – kids that grow up to be the employees, neighbors, and community members right here in Westbrook.

MainStreetCares’s Objectives:

We envision a world where the red doors of My Place Teen Center extend throughout our community. MainStreetCares broadens the safety net we provide for our kids at risk at My Place Teen Center.

MainStreetCares Member Responsibilities:

Members will be asked to make a recurring annual gift of $960 to My Place Teen Center that will provide funding for programming for one teen for one year. You can fund as many kids as you wish. Payments can be made annually, quarterly, or monthly.

Credit cards are accepted, as well as payroll deductions at certain locations.

The MainStreetCares program provides meals and services to kids at risk. The national average cost for these services ranges from $1,500-$2,500. By carefully monitoring resources and running an efficient operation, MPTC provides kids with daily meals, snacks, and programs at an annual cost of $960 per kid, or $80 per month. We want to grow the program to ensure all of the MPTC kids are funded on a perpetual basis and safeguarding operations and programming continue without interruption.

MainStreetCares Membership Benefits:

  • A fun and educational dinner with Donna and the kids, where members experience first-hand how their gift is making a difference.
  • An opportunity to network with other like-minded business professionals and community leaders once a year.
  • A MainStreetCares window decal, so your community, and its teens, knows that you are taking an active role in youth development in your community.
  • Inclusion in the MPTC online and printed business directory, included in our annual report, and distributed to more than 2,000 businesses and households annually.

YesReady to join MainStreetCares?

We have a number of options to make it easy:

 Join MainStreetCares by making your first annual donation of $960.
 Join MainStreetCares by making your first quarterly donation of $240.
 Join MainStreetCares by making your first monthly donation of $80.

You can also join MainStreetCares in the following ways:

  • Send a check to
    My Place Teen Center
    755 Main St
    Westbrook, ME 04092
  • Call us at (207) 854-2800.